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Topic Site What is it?
All topics
A-Z Health Information resources, 
FAQ’s and contact numbers
Alcohol Information and support on drinking
Anxiety and depression
Computerised self help for depression/anxiety/GAD/panic and relaxation
Back pain List of accredited teachers for Alexander Technique

For help and support
Cancer screening Advice on absolute benefits and risks of breast, cervical, bowel and prostate screening
Carers All relevant information for carers Guide to choosing and paying for adult care and support
Childrens Health  A fun interactive way for children to learn about health with games, activities and quizzes. Understanding your baby - Develop a relationship with your baby and feel more confident as a new parent. USE CODE ON LINK TO ACCESS FREE Understanding your child - Parents of 6 months-18 years. Reassurance you're doing the right thing and making sense of your childs development and behaviour. USE CODE ON LINK TO ACCESS FREE
Coeliac Information for patients with coeliac disease
Decision Aids


Patient decision aids for chronic diseases e.g. AF, HT, lipids. 
Use of antibiotics.
Risks of HRT/ COC


Activities and support for people living with Dementia
Gout Dietary advice in Gout
Hepatitis C
Patient education on Hepatitis C
Self help for IBS
Infectious diseases Advice and information on infectious diseases and hazards
Mental Health  Download Document Mental Health and Wellbeing Support in Rugby
Migraine Patient information on migraine including absolute risks of migraine with COC
Minor Illness When should I worry (download link) Information and advice for a variety of common symptoms, especially for assessing children
Osteo-arthritis Education and advice on Osteo-arthritis
Osteoporosis Information and support for Osteoporosis
Parkinson’s disease Information and support for Parkinson’s disease
Pregnancy Help to understand your pregnancy including facts about labour and birth as well as building your confidence in becoming a parent. USE CODE ON LINK TO ACCESS FREE
Skin conditions Photographs and advice on treatment and management of skin conditions

Stop Smoking Service - Fitter Futures Warwickshire (

Help and advice on how to quit
Teenage Health Contains videos as well as articles to educate teenagers on a range of health topics such as contraception, mental health, drugs and alcohol.