About Us

Brookside Surgery Mission Statement

We aim to provide high quality, accessible health care in a timely, responsive and compassionate way, inspiring confidence in our patients, their families and our community.


Our Vision

For our patients….

  • We aim to provide an inclusive, safe space for our patients to consult with caring, approachable, well-trained clinicians and staff.
  • We aim to involve our patients in making informed choices and empowering them to live healthy lives, preventing disease and enhancing well-being.
  • We aim to treat our patients with courtesy, dignity and respect at all times…and expect the same in return.

 For our Practice and locality…

  • We aim to work collaboratively and in partnership with the CCG, Federation and local practices to strengthen community links and respond to local, regional and national initiatives that ultimately aim to improve the health of our patients and the local population.
  • We aim for smart use of technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the patient journey.
  • We aim to be proactive in clinical research to enable a greater understanding and treatment of disease.

 For out Practice Team…

  • We aim for our staff to feel valued and appreciated for their skills and dedication, and to work as a flexible, responsive unit that enhances our colleague’s abilities to perform their roles.
  • We aim to promote best practice by staying up to date with advances in an ever-changing field, and encouraging continuous education and professional development of all members of the practice team.
  • We aim to be a centre of excellence for training of medical students and GP registrars.


 Our core values…


Operate within an ethical framework through openness and transparency and be responsible for our actions.


Provide the highest standard of individualised care for our patients and for our community as a whole. Keep up to date with changes in practice and follow national guidance when needed.


Treat patients and staff consistently and with consideration and understanding. Provide equality of care for all without discrimination but with a holistic and individualised approach.


Value the contribution of every team member and build a mutually supportive environment in which to work and care for our patients.


Put our patients at the heart of everything we do and act with compassion and kindness.

History of the Practice

For many years until 1976, the practice single handed and run by Dr Bob McElwain. His wife Kate was the senior receptionist and, it is true to say, the whole McElwain family was dedicated to the cause. In those days the village doctor was on call 24 hours per day. Furthermore, accessibility was excellent – even at the cost of queuing for an hour or two since there was no appointment system.

Following Dr McElwain; the practice was run by Dr Dewi Rees and then by Dr Gopi Menon. Although the idea of new premises was considered, this did not come into fruition.

Dr Gopi Menon retired early in 1986 and for around 18 months the practice was manned by two locum doctors (Dr Martha D’Mello and Dr Betty Gallagher) with willing help from our neighbouring practice in Wolston.

Dr Mike Houghton took up his post in March 1988. For nine years he was single handed and over that time the practice was brought up to training standards and the current premises were built. He was joined by Dr Kay Bridgeman in March 1997.

old building for brookside surgery

Main Milestones

March 1988

Appointment of Dr Mike Houghton at the School Lane site – staffed by first practice nurse, secretary and dispenser.

Establishment of on call rota with the Wolston practice.

November 1990

Purpose built premises in Brookside opened.

February 1992

First GP Registrar (Dr Nainesh Chotai).


Computerisation of the practice.

Expanding the practice team by appointing more staff.


Appointment of Dr Kay Bridgeman as partner.


Major extension (phase 1) – including the development of the first floor and enlargement of the waiting room.


Dr Bridgeman becomes a trainer and the number of GP trainees increases.


Computer upgrade to Windows based system.


Appointment of 2nd Practice Nurse.

Major extension (phase 2) including further consulting room, second treatment room, reception enlargement and new dispensary.


Dr Houghton retires after many years of service to the patients of the practice.

Dr Reeves starts as a new partner with Dr Bridgeman.


Dr Reeves becomes a GP trainer.


Dr Watters permanently joins the practice after completing her training with us.

Healthcare assistant (HCA) post created to work alongside the nurses.


Dr Menon joins the practice to complete the GP team

Admin, Reception and Dispensing team all increased to serve the growing number of patients.

2018 - 2019


Redevelopment of the practice continues with the extension of the premises to provide an additional treatment room, 2 consultation rooms, extra office space and enlargement of the waiting room and dispensing area as well as extra parking.



We sadly say goodbye to Dr Kay Bridgeman after almost 23 years working at the practice. We appreciate all the hard work she has put in over the years and the Brookside Team and community wish her all the best in her well deserved retirement to the gorgeous Yorkshire Dales.

Dr Menon becomes a GP Trainer.

Dr Watters and Dr Menon become GP Partners alongside Dr Reeves.


Dr Watters became a GP Trainer.


We said a sad goodbye to Dr Reeves as he and his family started their next adventure in New Zealand. 

We welcomed Dr Tyrrell and Dr Thurlow to the team as Salaried GPs


Telephone system upgraded